Take part in the Why Occupy project

In 2011, the Occupy movement brought together people from all walks of life in an unprecedented way. For several months, occupations around the world protested the status quo and struggled to come up with more equitable ways of living. Five years on, for the anniversary of Occupy London, we are looking to explore the effects of this movement on its participants, reflect on the impact of these experiences and how they are shaping our visions of the future.

Would you be interested in contributing to this project?

This is an opportunity to share our personal and collective journey through and beyond Occupy. We are contacting people who were involved in the occupation to gather a collective testimony of our experience and what it generated in the years that followed.

To take part, simply fill in this questionaire: https://forms.gle/XH6U3rhTDdh7gV3F6

No question is compulsory, and your responses can be as short or as long as you wish. Should you want us to modify your contribution or delete it in the future, just get in touch.